How much difference a day makes! We Dream a Difference organized a day trip for a group of 40 differently abled to let them discover for themselves. Read on… Disability stymies the sufferer from experiencing even the simple pleasures of life – each day a daunting task, each breath a

  An initiative by Dream a Difference to provide for and support underprivileged children in education aid /nutritious meal/medical support Aditya Sharma was performing quite well during his primary education and continued to do so till he completed 10th standard. His passion and curiosity to learn persuaded his family to

Dream a Difference has initiated  a  school uniforms donation drive for the children from marginalized communities. The parents of such children are rarely able to afford the schools fees, text books and other paraphernalia required for their children’s education. Although not a primary requisite for ensuring the children’s education, school

Reading is an important tool to introduce children to the world that surrounds them. Books not only serve as educational tools but also spark inspiration and independence. Recognizing the importance of encouraging reading habits in children to foster and promote their overall development, Dream a Difference intends to create literacy