Child Education Support Program – MID DAY MEAL

October 2021

4th August 2018

“Childhood” is probably the best time of one’s’ life, when no worries can touch us when we knit colourful dreams and pass days within the comfort & care of our parents. But there are some children on earth who are deprived of even the basic requirements to live a life like a human.

On 4th August, “Dream A Difference” met such 70 children in “Ashray” a part-time school, where children of veggie sellers, rickshaw pullers, maids and so on from nearby slums are given an education at the primary level, these children are also victims of malnutrition and poor health.

“DAD” had spent the day with the children and sponsored a Mid Day Meal for them, followed by some goodies and educational stationeries distribution among them. The delight of that special treat could be seen in their eyes and the joy on their faces. Thus the only reward was ever expected by Dream A Difference. To keep the smiles brighten on those cute, little faces; DAD took a pledge to help them with the supply of stationeries frequently.