Child Education Support Program – Aditya Sharma

October 2021

A continuing commitment of Dream a Difference to support education of the under-privileged

Aditya Sharma, a bright student who has performed quite well in academics and sports. After clearing 10th standard, he suffered a temporary setback since his family was finding it difficult to meet the tuition fees for 11th Standard. In its continuing pledge to support education, Dream a Difference had relieved him and his family by providing support for his tuition fees.

However, upon clearing his 11th standard, it was a roadblock again for them to move ahead with his higher education. Realizing this, Dream a Difference has yet again stepped forward to assist Rahul for the tuition fees to enrolling in to 12th standard.

Dream a Difference hopes that Aditya gets to explore various opportunities and utilizes his talents to the fullest.

Wishing him all the very best for his future endeavors.

Aditya Sharma, continuing his thrives towards higher education and a successful career again faced the same financial challenge when it came against his admission in college for graduation. And this time also he found Dream A Difference standing beside him rendering that constant support that makes his strain go away. Aditya now got admitted in Sri Aurobindo College under Delhi University with B. A. (Hons.) English, after achieving First Division in his 12 th Standard, Dream A Difference believes that Aditya will persist to surmount all the hurdles coming through and go on with his success stories.

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